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The UPPP experience

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sharpgenie I am now 2 weeks post-op UPPP with tonsillectomy. Last night, day 12, I was finally able to eat a real meal. This has been quite an experience.

I did not have the surgery because I wanted to get rid of my machine. We were good friends after 3 years and the setting was fairly high at 15. No, all tissue in my throat were overgrown and breathing daytime had become an issue. Let me add here than I am a 72 year old woman. I remember in the night the hospital nurse told me I was the oldest person she had taken care of after this surgery.

I woke in recovery with a very sore throat (always say yes if asked about pain. Scale 1-10, always a 6 or better). Dilaudid was terrific and since they were have problems getting me a room, I had several doses via IV. Ice chips were great.

After I transferred to room, they gave me morphine. I was able to drink ok and had some jello. Then night came. I slept poorly but always do in hospitals. About 4 am I was really in pain. Nurse and I decided the morphine just did not do it and so I got my first dose of liquid oxycodone.She squirted it in my mouth via syringe-holy crap-liquid fire, it was followed by another med to extend and increase the effectiviness. Much much better.

Went home later that day and got my precious Roxicet to take at home. For the next 3 days, it was just water, me and Roxicet. Day 4 my husband started pushing me to eat. Finally got poached egg down on a piece of pretty soggy toast. One week post-op and still not eating well. My tongues is really sore. By Friday am I figured it had to to thrush, called and was started on a anti-fungal. Ever had it? Think someone cross-cutting your tongue with a razorblade and then forcing you to eat acidic food. Got the picture. Upshot is, after 13 days, I am beginning to do more household stuff, it is still a job to eat but I am doing it. My machine and I have parted company for awhile as at 15 it blows off my face when ramed to max. Am I done with it? I think I need a setting maybe 1/2 or about 7. Advice to otheres, if you have this surgery, keep the liquids going in you no matter what. 12 pound weight loss- I like it.
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